Havit Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Guangzhou Havit technology co Ltd, or often shortened to Havit, is a Chinese company that was founded in 1998 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Havit makes a variety of products, and they are most popular in the Asian markets. Products manufactured by Havit range from audio equipment to gaming equipment, productive equipment, and other miscellaneous items.
When it comes to computer peripherals, Havit mainly manufactures gaming-oriented products, and their Havit mouses are no different. All the mouses that Havit manufacture are gaming centered and useful in gaming. Not only that, the mouses manufactured by Havit have unique appearances that make them stand out as gaming mice. The main lineup that Havit has in terms of gaming mice is their MS lineup.

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Havit Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Havit Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Havit MS99 550 Taka
Havit MS62 400 Taka
Havit MS300 1350 Taka
Havit MS989 375 Taka
Havit MS979 400 Taka


The highest-end mouse that Havit manufactures is their MS1005. The MS1005 comes with an optical sensor and an anti-slip surface so that it can have good tracking and also minimizes fatigue while using it. The mouse also has a DPI switching button so that DPI profiles can be changed on the fly while using the mouse. The mouse has an adjustable weight system to tune the weight of the mouse according to the users choice. The mouse comes with LED illumination and a forward and back button on the side. Havit also makes many other models to choose from, with each model having different appearances and features. Most models manufactured by Havit, feature RGB illumination so that the user can customize the lights to their preference. Some models also have additional programmable buttons so that these buttons can be assigned different macros to either-aid in gaming or productivity.
Havit offers a wide range of competent gaming mouses for the price, and these mouses are just as good with productivity as they are with gaming.

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