Havit Headphone Price in Bangladesh

 Making product and sale is recognized as a shortcut process to create an impact in the market. But in this 21st century, it doesn't work anymore. It requires extensive market research, searching the gaps to be filled, and meeting the customers' expectation by delivering the most updated product by utilizing technological support. Millenials of this era are too advanced and fulfilling their requirements are not so simple anymore.


Havit Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Havit Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Havit HV-H2558BT 1,350 Taka
Havit HV-2168D 1,250 Taka
Havit HV-H2239D 1,450 Taka
Havit HV-H2582BT 1,910 Taka
Havit HV-H2561BT 1,170 Taka


Not so many brands in the market can stay in the long run. But here is exception "Havita" which has been serving people over 20 years. Started its glorifying journey in 1998, Havita always focused on meeting the user's' demand. Dividing the overall process by five steps, Havita has found their way to reach their products to mass people. Concentrating on four business channels, whereas the headquarter is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Havita has established its way of approach. So they follow a distinctive technique to generate their sales, and as a result, they try to keep their products most unique. Of their headphones collection "HAVIT HV-H2556BT Wireless" is one of the most renowned. Innovative design, along with a special couple of audio jack, has made it look so different than other ones. It can join with several headphones together to hear a specific song from one device. "HV-H2215d USB Gaming Headphone" is one of Havit's mentionable stereo collection.

They are specially made for gaming purpose. With 1.2m cable length and 3.5mm stereo audio jack; make it conducive to have the control while using. "HV-H2575BT Me Stereo Bluetooth Headset" is another recent upgraded one of wireless headphone collection of Havit. Delivers the most fashionable look and professional presentation. The price level of Havit's headphone collection rests between 500 to 5,000 BDT. Noted that, it might shake a bit for not having any approved price range by the company itself.

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