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Hitachi is a Japanese electronics conglomerate which provides multiple solutions for electronic needs across many industries. Hitachi corporation was established in the year of 1920 concerning mechanical solutions. But in time, the company grew and now has a considerable global presence with its products in various markets. Hitachi has IoT solutions, networking, industrial, consumer, and lifestyle products. So there are a lot of waters that Hitachi has dipped its foot in. Hitachi’s consumer products have been the most exposed among all of their products. Hitachi consumer products are Home appliances, small and large, Kitchenware, air conditioning, iron and more. Hitachi is renowned for making very hi-tech innovations for everyday products, and this is apparent in their products. Their ironing range is a part of their small appliances, and they also provide variety in that.

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Hitachi Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Hitachi Irons  Price in Bangladesh
Hitachi DI9900 2000 Taka


Hitachi is known as a brand that most can rely on for their hi-tech and attention to detail. Hitachi Irons also have that reliance attached to them. Iron is a very important task for the day to day uses. The Hitachi brand of Irons has great steam and spray control for better iron conditions. Their spraying has a horizontal and vertical spraying option, with self-cleaning technology and you can see the water with the see-through tank. It has to overheat protection as well. The cord is conveniently attached for good movement of the iron, with good controls and knobs on the control panel as well. The whole system is set up in such a way that creaseless smooth ironing is seamless with Hitachi Irons.

Hitachi has put a host of special controls and options into their iron series. These features make your pressing and ironwork easy and efficient. Hitachi brings performance as well as utility all in the same bundle in their Hitachi Iron series.

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