HITZ Fan Price in Bangladesh

HITZ is a very well-known electronics brand that specializes in electric fans. The brand has been marketing various kinds of fans for a long time, which are well made with excellent quality materials and designs.

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HITZ Fan Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest HITZ Fans Price in Bangladesh
HITZ mini desk  190 Taka
HITZ Handy mini 290 Taka
HITZ EIffel Tower 390 Taka
HITZ mini air cooler  350 Taka


HITZ has always distinguished itself as a brand that constantly delivers innovations. Their catalog of fans contains some of the most original, innovative, smart, and practical designs on the market. The product is also made to be affordable to the general public. Currently, HITZ is regarded as a very trusted and popular fan brand.

HITZ is a brand that specializes in mini and portable fans. Most of their market offerings are made up of such fans. These fans also come at low prices that generally start from BDT 200 and reach up to BDT 500. The fans have a diverse range of features and functions depending on the models. Most of the brand’s fans are USB powered and need no external (plugged in) power source. Many models come equipped with high capacity rechargeable batteries.

The fans generally operate very silently, thanks to the noise cancellation technology. Some of the equipment come with slots that can be used to store ice water or perfume for more comfort. The rechargeable fans have an average battery life of around 2-3 hours. These model utilize 2000mAh lithium batteries. Some of the models from HITZ also come with inbuilt humidifiers and air fresheners. Most of the products in the brand’s catalog are built out of a combination of PVC and ABS.

The fans also come with adjustable angles and wind speeds. All the fans are made to be lightweight and compact to facilitate easy mobility. Some great products from the brand include the HITZ Mini Portable Desktop Fan at BDT 300, the HITZ Rechargeable Mini Air Cooling Water Spray Fan at BDT 320 and the HITZ Portable Fashion Air Conditioner Bladeless Fan at BDT 450.

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