Hoco Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Hoco is Chinese smartphone accessories company which was established in 2009. Since the establishment, they are providing premium and good quality smartphone accessories. In Bangladesh, we can get some of the accessories. Here we will discuss about the Hoco power banks which are available in the Bangladeshi market.

Battery Capacity
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Hoco Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Hoco Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Hoco b17 20000mah 2600 Taka
Hoco 13000 mah 2200 Taka
Hoco b31 20000mah 1900 Taka
Hoco b20 10000mah 1800 Taka
Hoco j9 10000mah 1200 Taka


In Bangladeshi accessories market, we can get some premium quality power banks from Hoco. Price range is pretty high. For example, you can get a 2000mAh power bank at 1000 taka-1200 taka. Although it is a wired power bank, it is a good quality power bank. You can also get Hoco B150 which is an 8000 mAh power bank. It has a USB port, a micro USB port, and a USB type C port.

The build quality of this power bank is very good, and the full body is made of aluminum. This power bank is very comfortable to hold in your hands. But this will cost you around 2000 taka. There is another power bank from Hoco which looks very good with wood type finish. This power bank is available in two colors that are brown and white. The build quality of the power bank is also good. It has two USB ports and a micro USB port. So you can charge two of your devices at a time. T6he battery capacity of the power bank is 13000 mAh, and this will cost you around 2000 taka. If you need a USB type c s power bank, then you can get Hoco B15. This power bank is a USB type C and full metal body power bank. The battery capacity is 8000 mAh, and it will cost you around 1780 taka.

Hoco also makes some wireless power banks. But the price range of the wireless power banks from Hoco is a little bit high according to the Bangladeshi market. In 3000 taka price range, you will find Hoco B-32 wireless charger power bank which will cost you around 3000 taka. 


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