Hoco Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Headphones are meant to enjoy the ultimate quality of sound. But significantly it is not possible to fit the best match between customers demand and existing company condition. Lots of names who started business earlier, but quit there because of falling behind in the race with technological advancement. Not to glorify separately but the upcoming brands from the 21st century have got a moderate advantage for technological progress.

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Hoco Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Hoco Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Hoco W11 3,500  Taka
Hoco W23  3,200 Taka
Hoco W25 1,700 Taka
Hoco W10  2,400 Taka


 HOCO, comparatively a new name in the market but they are now recognized as a common choice to the audio lovers. Undoubtedly technology has paved their way to build a sharp brand image. Maintaining the product quality and at the same time, extensive market research and development of product initiated their growth.

“E10 Wireless Bluetooth Headset is one of HOCO’s remarkable creation, which is mostly renowned for its creative shape. One of the wireless collections and contains 50 hours of standby time along with 4 hours of music time. This lucrative product is even available within 2,000 BDT. “Hoco W2 Wired Gaming Headset” is another common choice for gaming and business purpose. One of the most recommended one in the wireless headphones collection in the market. It contains smooth foam cup surrounding the hearing space. Extremely comfortable headband enables us to enjoy music for an extended period, and it is priced 2,200 BDT. With tremendously polished outlook and outstanding performance, “Hoco W-12 Hybrid Wireless Gaming Bluetooth Headset” has got the eye of the customers. Made with superior quality ABS + aluminum alloy and 40mm speaker assures to enjoy better bass. 2.5 hours charging duration and 400 mAh battery capability deliver a superb gig. It is HOCO’s most updated collection in their bunch and priced 7,000 BDT. Generally, the price bar of HOCO’s headphones is set within the price line of 2,000 to 10,000 BDT. But this might shake a bit as it has no authorized price level set by HOCO.

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