HP Earphone Price in Bangladesh

HP is a very popular brand all over the world for its different gadgets. This brand has some awesome headphones and earphones.

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HP Earphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest HP Earphones Price in Bangladesh
HP H5000 3,700 Taka


HP H2800 is a great headphone from this brand. You can use it in any device as it has 3.5 mm jack. This headphone is foldable and very easy to carry. The sound quality of this headphone is outstanding. You can use it while listening to music, watching movies, playing games, and in any other work. It has a driver in the wire to control the calls also. Color combination of this headphone is so eye-catchy. This lightweight headphone from HP cost about 1100 BDT.

If you want something exclusive, then you can go for HP Omen. This model is mainly used for gaming as it has a microphone, which is adjustable. But you can use it on the mobile, but the adaptor comes along with it. It can also be used in the Xbox and PS4, which is great news for those people who love gaming and music both. It can be adjusted according to head size, and its foams are very soft. This awesome headphone from HP costs 8000 BDT approximately.

If you want an earphone from this brand, then you can go for HP H5000 which is Bluetooth earphone but very different. It looks very different because it seems like a music player. But you have to use it by connecting to your device. The device of this earphone is so advance by which you can fully control the music. You don't have to use your phone every time you won't change the music or to control the volume as this earphone helps you. You can recharge it with a micro USB cable. This earphone is unique, and you can easily connect with your device. It blinks different colored lights to show different signals. Price of this beautiful earphone from HP is 3700 BDT.

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