HP Monitor Price in Bangladesh

HP Inc, also known as HP, is a multinational IT company based in the United States. HP is known for developing personal computers and computer-related supplies. HP was founded in 1939 by William R. Hewlett and David Packard. Even though HP is mostly known for its personal computers, they also manufacture other computer-related products. Monitors are one of them. HP produced some elegant and competent monitors.

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HP Monitor Price List in Bangladesh

Latest HP Monitors Price in Bangladesh
HP E243 13.5" 19500 Taka
HP N220 21.5" 10600 Taka
HP v194 18.5" 5600 Taka
HP v21b 20.7" 6700 Taka
HP 22fw 21.5" 10000 Taka


One of the well-performed monitor series of HP is Envy. The HP Envy 27 is a 27-inch monitor featured with 4k UHD resolution. It supports display port 1.2 and USB Type-C. THE ENVY 27 comes in at about BDT 40000.

Next, there is the HP W series, which is more budget-friendly. The HP W2082A is a 20-inch LED monitor that comes with 900p resolution with a sophisticated design. It has 5ms response time and costs about BDT 9600.
Another bright, and colorful monitor series of HP is the S series. These monitors are mainly suitable for professionals.

The HP 32S is a 32-inch monitor with an FHD display running at 60 Hz. It has a 5ms grey to grey response time. This monitor is good for creative people. It costs about BDT 36000.

HP has its other series of monitors named Omen, which is designed for the gamers. The Omen monitors are featured with a high refresh rate with high resolution and low response time. The Omen 32 is a 32 -inch display with a QHD resolution that runs at 75Hz and has a 5ms response time. The Omen 32 costs BDT 32000.

Another monitor of this series is the omen X. It has a 35-inch curved display that is featured with WQHD display and runs at 100 Hz.
HP has a wide range of monitors designed for different scenarios. All the HP monitors are reasonably priced.

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