HP Mouse Price in Bangladesh

HP Inc. is also known as HP, which is a multinational IT company based in the United States. HP is known for developing personal computers and computer-related supplies. HP was founded in 1939 by William R. Hewlett and David Packard.HP is mostly known for their Personal Computers (Desktops and Laptops) and server PCs, but HP also manufactures PC peripherals. HP mainly manufactures mouse that is the target for general productivity and designs their mice to look very sleek, elegant, and minimalistic. HP mostly offers productivity-oriented mouse, but they also have gaming-oriented mice that fall under their OMEN brand. 

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HP Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest HP Mouses Price in Bangladesh
HP x900 500 Taka
HP x3000 800 Taka
HP 200 850 Taka
HP z3700 800 Taka
HP OMEN 6000 Taka


The main lineups of productivity-oriented mice that HP offers are their Z lineup, Specter lineup, and X lineup. Most mice featured in their Z lineup have wireless connectivity via 2.4GHz technology. The mouse in the Z lineup follows sleek and minimalistic design language that gives them a very modern and beautiful look. They also come in quite a few color combinations so that consumers have more options when it comes to choosing the look of their mouse. The Specter lineup is HP’s more premium lineup. The mouse featured in their specter lineup also feature wireless connectivity via 2.4GHZ technology or Bluetooth and also has rechargeable batteries. The Specter lineup of the mouse has a unique look to them, and that makes them look very elegant, modern, and premium. The X lineup of the mouse is HP’s entry-level budget-friendly offerings. The X lineup of mouse is also featured wireless connectivity, and they are less premium than the other two lineups.
On the gaming side, all of HP’s gaming mice are under the OMEN branding. The main gaming mouse that HP offers is the OMEN Mouse 600 and their Reactor mouse, which is their higher-end gaming mouse. It features optical switches for faster response.
HP offers a lot of sleek and modern looking mouses, which are great for general productivity. While they don’t have a lot of offerings on their gaming side, their gaming mouses are quite competent when it comes to performance.

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