HP Tab Price in Bangladesh

Whenever we hear or talk about the brand “HP,” the name itself gives us a vast relief and trust. All this trust and belief come from its previous history of success and the beautiful experiences of customers. The word HP stands for the Hewlett-Packard company, which is an American multinational company. The headquarter of this information and technology company is in the state of California of USA. This worldwide known brand HP had started their journey from a garage in the year 1939. It was started by the two founding members Hewlett and Packard. As time passed, they also started to grow with their sheer determination and hard work. Their main business is to develop hardware components, software, and to provide IT services and consultancy to the consumer, small businesses, and large enterprises. This multinational has also served many sectors of the Government. The feature that has helped them grow so big is its capacity for differentiation.

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HP Tab Price List in Bangladesh

Latest HP Tabs Price in Bangladesh
HP Stream 8 15,500 Taka
HP Slate 7 VoiceTab 21,500 Taka
HP 7 VoiceTab 13,500 Taka
HP Pro 8 11,000 Taka


They have always tried to develop something new, something out of the box, and this has differentiated them from other competing companies. They developed unique, high-quality, and useful products. That is why everyone is so crazy about getting the products and services of HP. 

The range of products that HP manufacture and showcase is wide. Among the wide range of smart devices, the tablet is one of the best creations of the company. There are many variations of tablets available in their Tablet category. Most of the tablets of HP are supported by Windows and other operating systems too. Their tablets have the processor of core i3, i5, and up to i7. The features that are installed or given in these tablets are excellent.

Some of the notable models are HP Elite X2 1013, Elite X2 1012, HP Pro X2 612, and HP X2 210. Elite X2 1013 can be used to unleash your creativity. This tablet will give you the performance of PC and freedom of tablet, whereas Elite X2 1012 is used for business purposes. Most of the product’s features are highly enriched, and the features are effective too. They have given such characteristics to their tablets that you are going to fall in love with them. 

The pricing strategy of HP is much competitive and worthy. Their charge is much lower and competitive than the other companies if we look at the features. 

The price range starts from BDT 20,000 to more than a lac if we look at the tablets of HP. The price of most of the popular tablets is between BDT 25,000 to BDT 50,000. The price of HP X2 210 is around BDT 28000, and Pro X2 612 costs BDT 85,000. On the other hand, the price of Elite X2 1012 is around BDT 50,000, whereas the next model 1013 is around a lac. So the pricing that they have fixed has helped different levels of consumers to have their products and use them.

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