Huawei Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Besides mobile phones, Huawei manufactures many other products also. The earphone is one of them, and they are available in our country. If you want to buy a good earphone, then you can check this brand out.

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Huawei Earphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Huawei Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Huawei AM116 600 Taka
Huawei AM12 1,100 Taka
Huawei AM 12 Plus 1,700 Taka
Huawei AM13 2,400 Taka
Huawei AM185 6,000 Taka


If you want to buy an earphone from Huawei in a low price range, then you can buy Huawei AM116. This earphone is very smart looking, and the sound quality of this one is very good. It has a sound controller and phone receiver button in the wire. You can get it at 600 BDT approximately. If you want an earphone with ear tips, then Huawei AM12 is for you. This one costs the 1100 BDT, but it is a little bit different.

In the AM series, Huawei has exclusive earphone also. Huawei AM 12 Plus is a great earphone from this brand. This beautiful wired earphone has a nice sound quality, and its wire is very strong. You will get different sized ear tips with the earphone so you can adjust it according to your ear size. You can control the music volume, call and also can talk with it. Price of this earphone is 1700 BDT approximately.

Huawei AM13 is another awesome earphone with beautiful deep color combination and excellent sound output. Especially the wire of this earphone is very good and strong. You won’t face any problem with the wire. Price of this beautiful product from Huawei is about 2400 BDT. Huawei AM185 is a very premium earphone which costs about 6000 BDT. This earphone is very good in performance, and it is so long-lasting. You can use it by its 3.5 mm jack and also with the USB adopter.

If you want something with Bluetooth, then Huawei has Honor Xsport for you which is a full waterproof earphone. It has hooks so you can use with while jogging or exercising. It provides a very long battery life, and it is very lightweight also. Price of this wireless earphone from Huawei is 2800 BDT approximately.

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