Huawei Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Huawei is a Chinese multinational company that is mostly we know as a smartphone company. Alongside smartphones, nowadays Huawei is making some daily life accessories like power banks, headphones, etc. Recently they have launched their newest power bank, which is called Huawei AP007. This power bank is also named as Huawei Honor power bank.

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Huawei  Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest  Huawei Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Huawei Ap007 13000mah 2500 Taka
Huawei 20000 mah 3600 Taka
Huawei 4000 mah 480 Taka
Huawei 10000 mah  2800 Taka
Huawei 6700 mah 1400 Taka


Huawei AP007 Honor power bank is a 13000 mAh power bank. In this power bank, Huawei used LG battery to get better performance from the power bank. The Huawei AP007 has two dedicated USB ports with a high output of 5V 2A. By these ports, you can recharge two of your devices at a time. There is a micro USB port too for charging the power bank itself. Once you have charged your device fully, you can recharge your smartphone 3 or 4 times. Obviously, this depends on your smartphone's battery capacity. In this power bank, there is also a power button and some lights to notify you how much charge is left for you on your beloved power bank.

The overall design if this power bank is very eye-catching. The full body of the power bank is made of aluminum. The exciting part of the power bank is this is dust-proof. This power bank is also splash-proof to protect your power bank from sweat erosion. Overall this power bank is very sleek and very comfortable to hold in hand.

This Huawei AP007 Honor power bank is now mostly available in Bangladesh market. You can find this power bank in both online and offline shops. This is a mid-budget range accessory, and its power bank will cost you around 1800-2000 taka. There is only one color is available of this power bank in the market. The only color is grey. So if you are fond of various colors, then it could be a little bit disappointing for you.


Huawei also has some more power banks like Huawei Honor AP08 and Huawei 20000 mAh power bank. The Honor AP08 model is a 10000 mAh power bank, which has one USB port and one USB type C port. The Huawei 20000 mAh power bank is an ultra-high capacity power bank which has 5V2A 10W input and output. There are two USB ports which are qualcomm’s quick charge enabled. But the matter of sorrow that currently, these two power banks are not available in Bangladesh. If these arrive, the AO08 model will cost you around 2200-2600 taka, and the 20000mAh model will cost you around 3500-4000 taka.

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