iLife Tab Price in Bangladesh

Ilife Digital is one of the new but fastest-growing brands in the tech industry. It is an American based company, but its operation is not limited to the USA. The company has started their journey recently, but within these few years, they have successfully marketed their products in over 40 countries. The way they have approached in the market is unique, and that is why they have become successful within this short period.

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iLife Tab Price in List Bangladesh

Latest  iLife Tabs Price in Bangladesh
iLife K4700 7,500 Taka
iLife WTAB 800 6,000 Taka
iLife WTAB 970 10,000 Taka
iLife K3800 9,700 Taka


Ilife has mainly captured the market of the Middle East and Africa. They have experienced and gained rapid growth in both the market of India and Bangladesh. Ilife Digital has firstly started their business by offering 2 in 1 device and notebooks to the market. Then in the year 2012, they came up with tablets, and in 2014 for the first time, they introduced their own versions of laptops.

The company is currently marketing a diverse range of products, and they are trying to provide superior quality products at an affordable rate. Their unique approach to pricing and high-quality products has helped them gain a good position in the consumer's mind. 

The tablets that Ilife manufacture are very much useful, and they are full of unique features. This brand has got four series of tablets which names are K series, WTAB, Kids Tab, and ITELL. The operating systems that they use in their tablets are Android 8.1, Android 5.1, Android 4.4.2, and 4.4. They have managed to keep different sizes of display, and the size starts from 7 inches to 9.7 inches.

Ilife has kept four types of processors in their tablets, and they are Cortex, MediaTek, Spreadtrum, and Intel-Atom. The tablets of Ilife are enriched with effective features. Some of the popular and most sold tablets of Ilife are K3102, K3500, K4800, WTAB 970, WTAB 800, ITELL K3400, and ITELL K1100. They have also kept tabs specially made for the kids. So we can see that they have thought of every age of users and made their products accordingly. 

If we look at the prices, we can see that the price of the tabs start from BDT 5000 and they have tabs up to BDT 50,000. But most of the consumers of this brand take tablets which price is from BDT 10,000 to BDT 25,000. The price of one of the most sold tab of Ilife, K4700 is around BDT 7500, WTAB800 is BDT 6000, whereas WTAB 970 is around BDT 10,000.

The pricing that they have set in exchange for the features they are giving are much reasonable. The pricing of Ilife is one of the major factors behind its popularity and favoritism.

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