Inova TV Price in Bangladesh

Inova is a well-known name in the television market. For years, the brand has been bringing excellent quality televisions to its customers. Inova products are well known for their durability and affordable pricing. People are especially fond of their great guaranty and warranty deals. Inova has a sizable collection of television models that any customer can choose from. Each of their product comes with the fantastic quality and trust that Inova is famous for.

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Inova TV Price List in Banglades

Latest Inova Televisions Price in Bangladesh
Inova 32" 14000 Taka
Inova 40" 20000 Taka
Inova 24" 10000 Taka
Inova 22" 8000 Taka
Inova 43" 21000 Taka


Inova specializes in LCD & LED basic TVs that make up most of their catalogue. They are also among the handful of brands that have brought in curved LED televisions at a very affordable price. Inova focuses its efforts on the budget buyer market, pricing its products accordingly. Their products start at the modes price of BDT 9000 and most of the models can be bought for little over BDT 25000.

Nowadays Inova televisions mostly use LED displays and backlighting. Every model has a minimum screen resolution of 1080P (1366x768). The televisions also come with the standard ports and jacks with wall mount hardware free of cost. A good model to start the Inova line up is the Inova Double Glass Eye Protector HD LED TV - 24" – Black.

With a double glass LED display, the unit has a resolution of 1080P (1366x768). The model also has HDMI, USB and VGA ports alongside built-in speakers. This model is modestly priced at around BDT 10500. Next, in the line-up, we have the Inova Curve HD LED TV - 32'' - Black Glorious. The 32-inch curved LED display of this model if 4K HD supported. With USB, HDMI, VGA, DVD & CD drives this Inova tv fully equipped to be the center of your home entertainment. This model comes in at around BDT 17000.

Finally, we have the Inova HD LED TV-39''Black-Smile. With a great 39-inch, Full HD LED display this model comes with a screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixel for a fantastic viewing experience. Additional features also include USB, VGA and HDMI ports along with a complementary wall mount. All of this comes with a price tag of around BDT 26000.    


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