IPLE TV Price in Bangladesh

IPLE is an up and coming name in the local television industry. Within its short operating tenure, the brand has taken the market by storm. Boasting its incredible lineup of TV products IPLE has made a visible mark in the market. Their cutting-edge design and superior quality distinguish IPLE products. The brand has also made a name for itself by offering guarantee and warranty terms that are very customer friendly. IPLE is part of a family of companies spread across Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh.

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IPLE TV Price List in Banglades

Latest IPLE Televisions Price in Bangladesh
Iple 32" 17000 Taka
Iple 42" 28000 Taka
Iple 40" 25000 Taka
Iple 22" 10000 Taka
Iple 19" 9000 Taka


It is primarily a TV manufacturer with four separate TV categories which are “LED TV”, “Smart TV”, “Android TV” and “4K Ultra HD TV”. IPLE TVs also cover a wide piecing spectrum. Initial prices begin at around BDT 8000 and run up to around BDT 90000.

IPLE uses the latest in LED technology in all its televisions. Many of its higher-tier models also incorporate screen mirroring display and in-built speakers. For its smart TVs, IPLE uses mostly Android and Linux operating systems. All IPLE televisions also come with standard USB, HDMI and VGA ports. 

A popular model of the brand is the IPLE 22" HD LED - smile Resolution. With a 22-inch HD LED display this model has a screen resolution of 1080P. The TV also comes with USB, HDMI and VGA ports at just around BDT 9000. Next, we have the IPLE 32 Smart TV.

With its 32-inch LED display and screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels it also boasts a Linux operating system. Pre-loaded apps include YouTube and Facebook. This model costs around BDT 20000. Then we have the IPLE 49" smart LED that comes with a 49-inch full HD LED display. Screen resolution of this unit is 1366x768 pixels which are complemented by its Screen Mirroring Display.

Coming with pre-loaded apps including Facebook and YouTube this model costs around BDT 49000. Finally, we have the IPLE 55" Smart LED. With its massive 55-inch LED display this model is 4K Ultra HD supported. The model’s picture quality is further enhanced by its screen mirroring display. This model also comes with your standard USB and HDMI ports at the cost of BDT 85000.  


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