Jabra Earphone Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a good earphone and you have a reasonable budget, then you can check out the brand Jabra. This brand has many earphones available in the market in the various price range.

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Jabra Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Jabra Earphones  Price in Bangladesh
Jabra Sport Pace 1,200 Taka
Jabra Move 1,800 Taka
Jabra Elite 25e 4,900 Taka
Jabra Halo Smart 9,700 Taka
Jabra Elite 65T 17,900 Taka


If you want one in a low price range, then you can go for Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Bluetooth earphone. This Bluetooth earphone has comfortable ear tips with hooks. You can control the music and phone call with it. Price of this earphone is 1200 BDT approximately. This brand has a nice Bluetooth headphone in 1800 BDT which is Jabra Move. This headphone has a pleasant outlook, and it is adjustable according to your head. The foams in the headphone are very soft, and the battery of the headphone is also very good. After a full charge, the headphone can be used for 8 hours without any break.

In the high price range, Jabra has some excellent earphones. Jabra Elite 25e is one of them, and this one is also a Bluetooth earphone. Talk time of the earphone is 18 hours, and you can listen to music for 14 hours after a full charge. Price of this earphone is 4900 BDT approximately. You can hang the earphone on your neck. In 9700 BDT you can buy Jabra Halo Smart wireless earphone. This one is also a great earphone with awesome sound quality. This earphone can read calendar, email, text notifications. You can directly access to Siri or Google now, by using its button in the line to get any information you need. Besides this Jabra has Sport Pace in 11800 BDT which is also a great earphone without any doubt.

Jabra has some earbuds, and Jabra Elite 65T is one of them which costs 17,900 BDT. In the same category, you can buy Jabra Elite Active 65T in 18,900 BDT. Both of them are very good in quality and durable also. You can choose any of them for you. 

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