Jadroo Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Jadroo is a very well-known and reputed brand in Bangladesh that markets a wide range of consumer electronics and home appliances. The products this brand has marketed are not only desirable but also economical. It has been marketing a good number of quality products, including some top-notch microwave ovens. The microwave ovens have been known to be quite reliable, stylish, and within a reasonable price range. In addition to the fine quality of ovens, Jadroo also serves with customer-oriented post-sales policies, which have been very popular in the local markets.

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Jadroo Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Jadroo Ovens Price in Bangladesh
Jadroo 17L 6800 Taka
Jadroo 23L 8500 Taka


Jadroo was founded in 1995 and started as a manufacturer, and now it actively operates in more than 100 countries like Japan, India, Taiwan, China, and Bangladesh. It has an impressive line of microwave ovens which comes with the latest in heating technology and the most popular products come with capacities between 15-litre to 30-litre. The microwave ovens are quite affordable, with their pricing starting around BDT 5500 to around BDT 17000 generally. They are energy efficient and normally have an output power of 700-900 watts, which has better functionality. The ovens can run smoothly in a voltage range of 220-240V. There are both manually and digitally controllable models of microwave ovens, and they mostly have a handle as their Door Control Mode. Depending on the price and models, various features such as type of control, digital clock, digital timer, roller ring, convection system, and child safety lock are present or absent. The rich color accompanied by attractive and original designs would suit any kitchen. The after-sales policy of Jadroo comprises of service guarantee on different arts for a set period as well as free servicing in some cases. Some popular models from the brand include the Jadroo Microwave Oven JRMO-23L-B7 at a price around Tk. 10000 and Jadroo Microwave Oven JRMO-30L-T4 at a price around Tk. 16000.

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