Jamuna AC Price in Bangladesh

Jamuna is a local electronics brand that deals in a multitude of home electronics and appliances including Air Conditioners. The brand has made a name for itself through marketing affordable and reliable ACs for a number of years. Jamuna maintains a large collection of AC models that comprise of units of varying capacities as well as design. ACs from Jamuna comes with the assurance of being a quality product that will not disappoint the customer. Aside from the quality, the brand also puts a lot of focus on the aesthetics of its products. Today Jamuna is a well-established name in the AC market of the country.

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Jamuna AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Jamuna Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Jamuna JEC-24Q 62,000 Taka
Jamuna JEC-12F 41,000 Taka
Jamuna JEC-12Q  41,000 Taka
Jamuna JEC-12Y4E  42,000 Taka
Jamuna JEC-18QC 52,000 Taka


Jamuna primarily deals in Split Indoor Air Conditioners that from the capacity of 1.0 Ton to 2.0 Ton. The brand hosts a remarkable product lineup that has a lot of choices in regards to price, capacity, and design. The brand has always prioritized affordability when it comes to their pricing strategy. Depending on the cooling capacity of the model, a Jamuna AC can cost anywhere between BDT 40000 to BDT 70000. A 1.0 Ton AC from the brand can cost around BDT 45000 whereas ACs with a capacity of 1.5 Ton or above can cost upwards of BDT 50000. The most premium products from Jamuna are priced around the BDT 65000 mark. In terms of BTU, the ACs roughly have a range between 12000 to 24000.

amuna ACs have a cooling range from 180 to 300, making them able to deal with any kind of weather. All of the brand’s ACs are energy efficient and come with heavy-duty compressors for the best performance. The models also have four separate modes for airspeed control (auto, 1, 2, 3) enabling a high degree of customization. The models also come with easy removable-washable panels and filters for comfortable and easy cleaning/maintenance. All the AC models from the brand incorporate vertical auto swing for a quick and even cooling process. Jamuna ACs come with 5 different working modes i.e. cool, fan, dehumidify, autorun and heat, making them able to cater to any needs of the user.

Some other common features in Jamuna ACs include LED display, Auto Diagnosis, Anti cold air preventive function, and Smart function (auto mode). The brand also maintains an excellent warranty and customer service policy that include installation services and various hardware warranties. Some excellent models from the brand are the Jamuna 1.0 Ton JEC-12Q Split AC at BDT 41000, the Jamuna JEC-24Q at BDT 62000 and the Jamuna JEC-12F Split AC at BDT 41000.

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