Joyroom Earphone Price in Bangladesh

JOYROOM is a very good brand for earphones. This brand has many options for you in the various price range. From low price range to high price range, all types of earphones are available from this brand.

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Joyroom Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Joyroom Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Joyroom EP1 400 Taka
Joyroom JR-E205 800 Taka
Joyroom EL122 900 Taka
Joyroom ET505 1000 Taka
Joyroom E204 1,250 Taka


If you want something in a low price range, then you can go for JOYROOM EP1 which is a fundamental type of earphone costing 400 BDT. For better quality then this you can go for JOYROOM JR-E205 with flat earbud or JOYROOM EM200 with rounded earbuds. Both are very good, and both have drivers to control call and music. In this same category, this brand has JOYROOM E203 for you also. All of them costs 800 BDT approximately, and they provide excellent sound.

With an aluminum body, JOYROOM has EL122 which costs 950 BDT, and this brand has ET505 in 1000 BDT. Both this earphone has a premium look, satisfying performance and durable. If you have a good budget, then you can go for JOYROOM E204 which has flat earbuds, and it costs 1250 BDT. Besides this more wired earphone from this brand are JOYROOM JR-D3, EX606 which costs 1650 and 1900 BDT respectively.

In the Bluetooth segment, JOYROOM has some awesome collections of earphones. In 1200 BDT you can get a JOYROOM JR-D2S which is a very good wireless earphone. It takes only 2 hours to recharge fully, and you can use it for 5 hours without any break. Another wireless earphone from this brand is JOYROOM JR-D1, which costs 1400 BDT. You can use it for 6 hours without any interruption, and you can use it from10 meters distance. In 1650 BDT U12 Sport IPX7 is available from JOYROOM which is fully waterproof. Usage time of this earphone is 8-10 hours.

All these Bluetooth earphones are outstanding in performance and stylish in look. If you are looking for the earbuds, then JOYROOM has T05, which is very good in sound quality. It costs 2400 BDT approximately, and you will get a small charging box with it.

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