Joyroom Headphone Price in Bangladesh

In this competitive nature of the market and era of technological advancement, it’s really tough to outlast if it misses any single opportunity to catch the customers’ expectation. Where there are so many brands for a single product, people often get puzzled to choose the best brand because of facing so many brands simultaneously. But in the long run, those brands stay in the competition who can meet the requirements.

Joyroom, a successful brand, incorporating their business over 100 countries over the world with 1800 channel partners and the turnover is now more than 83 million dollars per year. This data ensure their strength of development throughout their journey. They justify the ongoing trends, the taste of the customers, and create the product based on their collected result. It is established as their strategy to reach the peak of success.


Joyroom Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Joyroom Headphones Price in Bangladesh


Joyroom has an extensive collection of headphones in their buck, “JOYROOM BT149 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone” is one of their significant ones. It is designed to provide all sorts of comfort. For convenient carrying, it is plotted as a foldable one. 4.0 version of Bluetooth enables to connect easily with any types of the device.

Flushy foam cup used for a hearing which gives an ultra comfort while using. Contains controlling system added with the headband area, takes the whole thing within the hand. And all are this is wrapped within 3,000 BDT. “JOYROOM JR-H15 Headband Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphone” is relatively a similar one in that product line. But their most lucrative one, which has got a massive response from users is their, “JR-H12 Headband Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphone”.

It has made with all sorts of advancement provided with it and priced 4,500 BDT. Headphones of Joyroom are available within 2,000 to 5,000 BDT. Can vary on occasion as it has no approved price bar by the company itself for reselling.


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