JOYROOM Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Are we running out of charge? Need an amazing power bank? Or need an amazing PowerShell? You should definitely give a try to Joyroom power banks. When we talk about power banks, Joyroom definitely deserves a discussion. Thinking of your need, Joyroom makes a lot of power banks and power shells. Most of then are available in Bangladesh market and very easily you can get those from the market. If you look for the best power bank for you, then you have to regard some pinpoints in mind like battery capacity, battery type, number of ports, etc. we are here to help you will all of the information you need.

Battery Capacity

JOYROOM Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest JOYROOM Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Joyroom Dm-153 20000mah  2400 Taka
Joyroom Dm-186 1000 Taka
Joyroom JR-D121 4100 Taka
Joyroom D-m202 1400 Taka
Joyroom D-m154 1900 Taka


Joyroom has a huge amount of power bank collection for you. If you need a power bank according to your budget, then you can choose Joyroom power banks from 850 taka to 3500 taka. Like Joyroom D-L177 a tiny 5000mAh power bank and this will cost you only 850 taka. If you are a very light user and you have a very tight budget, then you can get this one. But if you need slightly better, then you can try D-M173 Nick series power bank which is a 10000mah power bank. This will cost you around 2000 taka. This power bank has a lithium polymer battery. The build quality of this power bank is very good, and this is a very eye-catching power bank. If you like this model and need more power, then you don’t need to worry because Joyroom kept an option for you of 30000 mAh! You can also get the 30000mAh one only at 3000 taka.


Apart from these normal power banks, Joyroom also makes some amazing PowerShell. If you are an iPhone user and looking for a power bank, but you don’t have much time to plug in your phone to a charger, then a PowerShell is the best solution for you. This is basically a phone cover with a battery which can be able to charge your phone. You can get this PowerShell from 1500 taka to 3500 taka price range according to its capacity.


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