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Joyroom is a great brand when it comes to everyday electronic devices. Among other things, the brand is well known for their electric fans. Joyroom makes great fans for everyday use. The fans are of great quality and very durable. They also come in great designs that catch everyone’s eyes. Joyroom fans are sure to provide the best cooling at all times without fail. The fans are most known for their durability and reliability.

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Joyroom Fan Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Joyroom Fans Price in Bangladesh
Joyroom CY299 900 Taka
Joyroom Cy260 700 Taka


Joyroom specializes in mini-fans and has an impressive collection in this category. The fans are also made very affordable due to the brand’s pricing policies. Most of Joyroom’s mini-fans can be found in the open market between BDT 700 to BDT 1000. The fans par packed with many useful features and functions. The battery life of most fans ranges from 2 to 13 hours when charged fully.

Many of the fans use 2000mAh battery for enhanced battery life. The fans operate very quietly (around 57dB) for convenient use. The fans are mostly made out of high-density ABS environmental protection material. The models are also energy-saving requiring only 3.2-4.5 W of electricity to charge. The fans have a 3 level adjustable wind speed as well as the 720-degree swing in some models. This feature results in no dead corners for the fans. Some of the handheld models can also be transitioned into desktop models and come equipped with magnetic bases.

The models are all lightweight and incorporate a very compact design to improve their mobility. The fans also have stylish and modern looks on top of their great performance. Some great models form the brand include the Joyroom CY227 - 3 Wind Speeds Handheld Rechargeable Mini Fan and the Joyroom CY229 - MUSE series USB Fan. Both the models cost around BDT 750

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