Junerose Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Many people love to listen to music by using an earphone or headphone. Even when they are at home, they don’t like to use a speaker or soundbox. For those people, a good headphone from a well-known brand is very precious. Again, some people love to play games and to play games using a headphone is very comfortable sometimes. For those people, many brands are manufacturing and selling their headphones. Junerose is one of those brands. This brand has many earphones available at a reasonable price.

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Junerose Earphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Junerose Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Junerose JR-R82 400 Taka
Junerose JR-I502 450 Taka
Junerose JR-I620 500 Taka
Junerose JR-I4S 550 Taka
Junerose T65 650 Taka


Junerose JR-R82 is nice earphone with good sound output. This earphone has round eartips, which are very soft and comfortable. This earphone is available in 400 BDT approximately in the market. Almost in same price range, you can buy Jr-I502 from Junerose in 450 BDT. Both these models have the microphone in the line and a call controlling button. People who love the metallic body can buy JR I620 from this brand. It has a beautiful outlook with high performance. Price of this earphone is 500 BDT approximately. In the same price range, Junerose TX-2 is also available, which has volume control buttons also.

For flat earbud lovers, Junerose has JR-i4S wired earphone which costs 550 BDT. Cable length of this earphone is 1.2 meter, and it has a clip to hold its microphone with your cloth, close to your mouth. Another earphone with flat earbuds from this brand is T65, which costs about 650 BDT. In the same price range, Junerose JR-i6S is also available in the market.

All these earphones are excellent in performance, and durability is outstanding. You can use them comfortably as all of them has 3.5 mm jack, which is the most suitable jack for any device. You can get any of them if you are willing to buy an earphone at such a low price.

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