Kenwood Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Kenwood is a UK based kitchen appliances manufacturer with global recognition and widespread acceptance. Kenwood has been in the global market for more than 6 decades producing different types of kitchen appliances, which have been extremely popular with the general public. It maintains a unique collection of over 100 different models of ovens to choose from. These ovens are the product of the latest in technology and design. Additionally, this brand provides its customers with some of the best post-sale services in the market.

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Kenwood Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Kenwood Ovens Price in Bangladesh
Kenwood MWM200 18000 Taka
Kenwood MO740 12900 Taka


Kenwood first started its journey in 1947 and currently operates in more than 40 countries as a home appliance marketer. It has a vast collection of ovens, which have been most famous for their cutting edge technology, affordability, and time tested reliability. Most popular products of Kenwood come with a capacity range between 17 to 42 liters. The price tag of these popular products varies from BDT 6000 to around BDT 18000. The microwave ovens function optimally with the voltage between 220 to 240 volts. The energy consumption of the models ranges from 800 to 1100 watts in general. Most of the Kenwood ovens have easily set electronic controls and digital control with LED display for impressive and versatile cooking. The most common features of Kenwood microwave ovens include a digital clock, powerful convection, 5 or more microwave power levels, fashionable and durable steel front, preset timer, quick start function, defrost setting, cooking end signal, child safety lock, roller ring as well as a multiple auto menu program for faster cooking. The elegant and fashionable designs with attractive colors would suit any kind of kitchen out there. Kenwood also offers after-sales services to the customers that include a warranty, free service, and guarantees for specific periods. Some of the popular models of Kenwood are Kenwood MWL426 at BDT 12000 and Kenwood MWM200 at BDT 18000.

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