Koniycoi Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Many brands are selling their headphones and earphones in Bangladesh. Amongst those brands, KONIYCOI is one of them.

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Koniycoi Earphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Koniycoi Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Koniycoi KJ-605 400 Taka
Koniycoi KJ-606 600 Taka
Koniycoi Mic KT 1900MV 800 Taka
Koniycoi KT 1800MV 850 Taka
Koniycoi KT 5000 950 Taka


Available earphones from this brand, KONIYCOI KJ-605 is one of them. It is a very good earphone with stereo sound and high-quality wire. This earphone has 3.5 mm jack, which is the most suitable connector now and an inline driver to control the calls and music. Price of this earphone is 400 BDT approximately. Another earphone from this brand is KJ-606, which is very good. This one costs a little higher, and the price of this earphone is 600 BDT. Both this earphone has soft ear tips, which are very comfortable.

This brand has some good headphones also in the various price range. If you want something at a low price, then you can go for Mic KT 1900mv from this brand which costs about 800 BDT. This headphone has a noise-canceling microphone and 3.5 mm jack. Wire of this headphone is 250 cm long, which is enough. This one is very lightweight also. In the same price range, you can buy KONIYCOI KT-2100MV, which is also very headphone. Though both of them are made of plastic, it looks very cool. The color combination is also very stylish.

In 850 BDT you can buy Mic KT 1800MV from KONIYCOI. This one also has the same features as the previous one. You can adjust it according to your head size, which is an outstanding feature from this headphone. With a various color option, and a cool looking headphone from KONIYCOI is KT- 5000 which costs about 950 BDT. This one has an adjustable microphone and inline driver by which you can control the volume and call. If you want something in high price and with the stylish glossy look then KT- 2300 is for suitable for you from this brand. Foams of this headphone are very soft and comfortable, and the price of this headphone is 1700 BDT approximate.

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