Koniycoi Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Fashion and style are two things that consistently change with the times. These two factors work actually as the very pivotal reason that affects our lifestyles. Things have worked in the same way for headphones too. From listening to music now, it has become a way of a polished lifestyle. Not in a similar way, but companies are profoundly focusing on utilizing people’s choice of lifestyle in case of business.



Koniycoi Headphone Price List in Bangladesh 2020

Latest Koniycoi  Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Koniycoi KT-2100MV 750 Taka
Koniycoi KT-1900MV 700 Taka
Koniycoi KT-1800MV 800 Taka
Koniycoi KT-5000MV 900 Taka


When it comes to making a list of brands who have been successful by following this approach. Here, Koniycoi is one of the brands, which is successful in this competitive market. This Chinese company, with 200 staff and 3,000 square meters. Headquarter is situated in China was always determined to spread their Chinese product worldwide, and now it has signed its 16 years of glory.  

Konica tries to ensure the most comfort for the users. So it mixes the fashion and comfort in their products, one name to mention “KT-2100MV Stereo Headphone”. This is one of their wired collections. With a stylish design, it focuses on maintaining the fashion, and with extremely comfortable headband, it gives the ultimate comfort of using. Very light in weight and 250cm lengthy cable provide the comfort of carrying. Made of plastic material and contains a super performing microphone in it which can cut off the noises outside nonetheless also have volume control. Priced nearly 1,200 BDT. Generally,

the price range of Koniycoi headphones lies between 1,000 to 5,000 BDT. To grab a higher number of people it has kept the products price a bit cheaper so that all people can enjoy music with their comfort. But the price level might be altered a bit for not having any set bar of the price given by the company to resellers.




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