Konka Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

The Chinese brand “Konka” is a very well established consumer electronics brand that is globally known for its top-notch quality and affordable pricing. The brand has been an established name in the global refrigerator market for over two decades. Konka fridges are known to be of excellent quality as well as very affordable.

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Konka Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Konka Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Konka 17KR 26000 Taka
Konka XS-360 46000 Taka
Konka 2KS 36000 Taka
Konka 42KS 60000 Taka
Konka 1KsL 32000 Taka


Konka started as a local electronics manufacturer back in 1980 based out of Shanghai, China. Currently, the brand maintains R&D facilities in multiple countries, including the USA, and has operations in more than 100 countries. It has a massive collection of over 100 globally marketed refrigerator models to choose from. The type of refrigerators includes single door, double door, and side by side type models. The most popular models from the brand are its top-mounted and 50-50 type refrigerators that come with a price range of BDT 20000 to BDT 40000. The capacity of these refrigerators is between 200-300 liters. 


Konka uses environment-friendly technology and CFC free refrigerants in all its refrigerators. The world-famous compressors used in these fridges work quietly and efficiently consume less electricity. The condensers are 100% copper. Multidirectional airflow inside the fridge keeps the food fresh for a longer period. The refrigerators also come with automatic deodorizer functions that remove stale smells. The models incorporate a wide temperature and wide voltage design for better functionality. And most of the refrigerators come with adjustable slanting food shelves. 


The refrigerators have a glass finish that makes them a lot attractive. Some popular models from the brand are the Konka 22KRT0GS top-mounted refrigerator, which costs around BDT 22000, and the Konka 24KRB0CZG bottom-mounted refrigerator costs around BDT 34000.


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