Lenovo Fitness Tracker & Band Price in Bangladesh

Lenovo Group Ltd, or usually shortened to Lenovo is a Beijing based multinational company which was founded in 1984 by Lui Chuanzhi. It was the world’s largest vendor of personal computers from the year 2013 to 2015.

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Lenovo Fitness Tracker & Band Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Lenovo Fitness Trackers & Bands Price in Bangladesh
Lenovo HW01 2600 Taka
Lenovo HX03 2200 Taka
Lenovo HX06 1600 Taka
Lenovo HW02 1600 Taka
Lenovo HX03F 2100 Taka


Lenovo is mainly known for making computer-related products, but they have a few fitness trackers as well. In terms of fitness trackers, Lenovo has two lineups which are HW and HX.

The HW series is the older one. HW01 & HW02 are the two products of this series. The HW01 has a band like design with a watch like strap. It has an OLED display that shows all the activity stats, notifications, time, and date. Besides that, it has a dynamic heart rate monitor with sleep monitoring. 

The HW02 fitness tracker has a 0.42-inch OLED display. It also has a dynamic heart rate monitor and is certified IP 67 dirt and water


Lenovo has recently launched its new lineup of fitness trackers that is their HX series. The HX series currently has two main products which are HX03F Spectra and HX03 Cardio. The new lineup of Lenovo’s fitness trackers aims to deliver advanced technology along with sleek and modern design. 

The HX03F Spectra has a color display with dynamic heart rate monitoring, movement tracking. It is also water and dustproof and has multi-master interface switching.

The HX03 Cardio has a 0.87-inch OLED display with 128*32 dots. The HX03 Cardio has the activity tracking features, and it also works as an intelligent alarm clock. It has a Li-polymer battery with a detachable body.

Lenovo offers a few options for fitness trackers at a budget-friendly price. The Lenovo fitness trackers are an excellent pick for anyone looking for a basic fitness tracker on a tight budget.

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