Lenovo Laptop Price in Bangladesh

Lenovo is a Chinese tech company headquartered in Beijing, China. By sales volume, Lenovo is the biggest laptop brand in the world. Every laptop with the Lenovo name is guaranteed to have excellent build quality, performance and battery life. Lenovo laptops are always pushing the horizon by incorporating the newest in technology and design. Such dedication has earned this brand an endearing image in the world market along with a huge fan following.

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Lenovo Laptop Price in Bangladesh

Latest  Laptop  Price in Bangladesh
Lenovo Idealpad 330 15.6" 24400 Taka
Lenovo Idealpad 330 14" 24400 Taka
Lenovo Idealpad 330 E2-9000 14" 24900 Taka
Lenovo Idealpad 330 A4-9125 15.6" 24900 Taka
Lenovo Thinkpad x280 12.5" 118000 Taka


The company began in 1984 as Lenovo PC international, a computer hardware and electronics manufacturer in China. It has been providing its customers with high-quality computer and laptops since the mid-2000’s. It has a multitude of diverse laptop series for its many different types of customers. Its IDEAPAD line has the most varied portfolio with many durable laptops spanning a wide price range. The YOGA series is its 2 in 1 line with all its products incorporating touchscreen capabilities. The THINKPAD is the line for business laptops with the characteristics of high performance and unmatched security.

For gamers, it has the LEGION series. Lenovo has recently also introduced a new line, the Y series laptops. Most Lenovo laptops have Intel core (i3, i5, i7) processors with some incorporating Intel Pentium, Celeron, Atom and Core M processors. Some laptops in its LEGION series have AMD processors. In case of operating system, most of the laptops run on Windows OS. Some laptops run on Linux, DOS and Chrome. Lenovo has been the first brand to incorporate HDR screens on its laptops. Most laptops have screen size within the 13-16 inches bracket with either 1366x768 pixels or 1920x1080 pixels. The CPU speed ranges from 1.5 GHz to 3 GHz.

All Lenovo laptops offer a minimum of 4GB of RAM with some models providing as high as 16GB. Hard disc capacity ranges from 320GB up to 2TB with higher priced models having SSD capabilities capping at 512GB. Some models even have higher capacity than that. Battery life of Lenovo laptops ranges between 4hrs and 12hrs. In terms of price range, Lenovo laptops start at around BDT 24000 and can reach as high as BDT 195000 for its THINKPADS and YOGA series laptops. For the budget shopper, Lenovo IdeaPad 330 Celeron is the best option out there at just BDT 26000. Some good models in the mid-level price range include Lenovo IP320 Core i5 7th Gen, Lenovo ThinkPad E470Core i5 7th Gen and Lenovo IP320 8th Gen Core i5 laptops coming in between BDT 45000 and BDT 56000.

Regarding affordable 2 in 1 laptop there is the Yoga Book 10 at around BDT 47000 and the Yoga 330 Pentium Quad Core Touch laptop at around BDT44000. For more powerful machines there are the Lenovo Yoga 720Core i7 8th Gen Touch laptop and the Lenovo ThinkPad X280Core i7512GB SSD laptop between the price range of BDT 140000 and BDT 165000. Lenovo Y700Core i7 6th Gen Gaming Laptop at around BDT 70000 and the Lenovo Y520Core i7 7th Gen Gaming Laptop at around BDT 110000 are outstanding and reasonable options for any gamer out there.

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