Lenovo Monitor Price in Bangladesh

Lenovo Group Ltd. or usually shortened to Lenovo is a Beijing based multinational company. Founded in 1984 by Lui Chuanzhi, it was the world’s largest vendor of personal computers from the year 2013 to 2015. Lenovo is mainly known for developing and selling computer and smartphone technologies. Lenovo also makes different computer peripherals and monitors are one of them.
Lenovo makes different types of monitors for different use cases. They make monitors that are intended for use in home, offices, and especially made for gaming.

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Lenovo Monitor Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Lenovo Monitors Price in Bangladesh
Lenovo LI20 19.5" 7200 Taka
Lenovo E205 19.5" 7300 Taka
Lenovo E24 23.8" 16000 Taka


The Lenovo L-series and C-series are the ones that are made for use at home. These monitors are made to be somewhat elegant and competent enough to get the job done for quite a low price. The Lenovo L22e-20 is the cheapest of them, all with a 21.5-inch FHD LCD panel that comes in at about BDT7,360.

The Lenovo L27q is on the more expensive side of this lineup with a 27-inch QHD screen with 99% sRGB color gamut and comes in at about BDT24,000.

For office work, Lenovo produces the ThinkVision E lineup. These are meant mostly to fit in the office environment and get the work done. The cheapest ThinkVision E2054 is a 19.5 inch IPS 900p display that comes in about BDT7,920.

For the professionals out there, Lenovo offers the ThinkVision P series. These monitors are especially made with professionals with mind and are tuned with great color accuracy and have features to aid in productivity. The ThinkVision P24q is the most wallet-friendly in this section that comes with a 23.8-inch QHD IPS display and comes in at about BDT18,500
Last but not least is Lenovo’s offerings for the gamers out there.

For gamers, Lenovo has their Legion lineup. These monitors feature a high refresh rate with Freesync and G-sync support for a better gaming experience. The Lenovo Legion Y25f features a 24.5-inch WLED display with AMD Freesync and comes in at about BDT24,000.

Lenovo has a great selection of monitors, but their professional lineup has its best features, and their gaming lineup is not that good.

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