Letv Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Many people love to listen to music by using an earphone or headphone. Even when they are at home, they don’t like to use a speaker or soundbox. For those people, a good earphone from a well-known brand is very precious. Again, some people love to play games and to play games, that time using an Earphone is very comfortable sometimes. Some people pass the time while traveling to their workplace by listening to music. For those people, many brands are manufacturing and selling their earphones. Letv is one of those brands who have some great earphones available in the market. 

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Letv Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Letv Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Letv Reverse In 1,200 Taka
Letv Leeco Type-C 1,000 Taka


This brand has some lovely earphone like Letv Reverse In-Earphone, which has a lovely outlook with great sound quality. Color combination and shape of this earphone is excellent. It has various color combination also. It has high-quality wire, and it has an inline driver to control the call and music. You don’t need to use your phone every time if you want to change the music or pause it. Again, you can receive and hang up any call by tapping the button in the driver. It has soft ear tips in it, which is very comfortable and it doesn’t let the external noise to disturb you. Price of this earphone is 1200 BDT approximately.

For type C phone users, this brand has an option also. Letv has Leeco Type-C earphone, which costs about 1000 BDT in the market. This earphone has type C connector and round earbuds in it. The user who has only type C using system in their phone can buy this one without any doubt. This one also has an inline driver to control call and music. This model is only available in white color, and this color looks so premium.

So, if you are looking for a good earphone, you can check this brand out, and you can buy a suitable model for you.

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