LG AC Price in Bangladesh

LG is one of the most famous consumer electronics brands in the world. This brand has a considerable presence in the HVAC industry with their ACs. They incorporate the latest in technology, design, and engineering to manufactures some of the best air conditioners in the world. The ACs are known to have great performance and looks. They are durable, reliable, and most importantly, affordable. LG also has some of the best post sale services. Currently, the brand occupies one of the top positions in the HVAC industry.


LG AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest LG Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
LG 2462LG
70,000 Taka
LG KSUH1264NA0 52,900 Taka
LG S4UQ18KL3AB 85,600 Taka
LG AVUW60LM2S0 233,900 Taka
LG BSNQ1865NAO 80,000 Taka


LG started its journey in the year 1958 and operated out of South Korea. The brand makes a number of AC types and has a specialty in the Split AC sector. The ACs are also priced fairly and deliver a great deal of value. Generally, an AC from LG can cost anywhere between BDT 40000 to BDT 180000 depending on the model. The brand markets split ACs in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Tons, and 2.0 Tons department. The BTU of the ACs ranges from 12000 to 240000 for these categories.

The ACs use the standard 220V of current to work and consume around 1.8 kilowatts of energy on average. The ACs incorporate Jet Cooling technology that enables quick and efficient cooling of the rooms. The ACs come with inbuilt filters that ensure a steady supply of clean and fresh air into the room. The filters are also removable and washable, which means easy and hassle free maintenance. Some other mentionable features include turbo mode, auto start function, adjustable airflow, LED display, and timer. The ACs come with the most modern and aesthetic designs that can impress anyone.

LG also maintains a great warranty program alongside their great products. Some exceptional models from the brand include the LG S186HC 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner at BDT 59000 and the LG 2 Ton HSUC24 Split Air Conditioner at BDT 69000.

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