LG Iron Price in Bangladesh

LG is one of the most notable electronics and home appliance solutions in the world. LG has been in the conscious mind of the buyer within the new century, and even from before. Their motto “life’s good” explains a lot about their driving force. Their main idea is to provide maximum performance to users through their products to enhance user lifestyle. LG has kept on that motto and has introduced products across various uses and types for different market segments. LG fridges, LED TVs, air conditioners, microwave ovens, blenders mixers, etc. They also have products in the smartphone market with great Android phones in the premium to mid-range category. From premium and big appliances, they have also put their concentration and investments towards much smaller utility based products. The LG range of irons embodies the LG craftsmanship in a small, efficient way.

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LG Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest LG Irons Price in Bangladesh


LG has always provided products that alter and improve the lifestyles of the owners. LG irons are the same type of products with the best results, and they are mostly of dry iron types. They also have some Steam irons in the higher budget range. LG irons have proper power options ranging in the 1000-1200w region, which provides great steam control techniques. The heat controls are designed as it delivers according to the type of fabric rather than random heating. There is also protection from overheating. There are also special plates to stop sticking to the fabric, which can lead to burns and damage to the fabric. The cord is designed to provide proper mobility.

LG has been a very renowned brand for high-end devices. But their iron range shows that they can also make products in the smaller sizes just as well. LG puts their reliable technology and mixes it with consumer-friendly features to provide the best options for Irons.

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