LG Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

The South Korean brand LG, is one of the biggest names in the consumer electronics and home appliance industries. The brand maintains a global catalog of various products, including a dedicated line of world-class ovens. The ovens from the brand are best known for their quality hardware and innovative design features. The products come with all the modern features at very reasonable prices. LG always keeps the design of its ovens very practical and in line with customer needs. These factors are further highlighted by the brand’s extremely customer-friendly customer service policies.

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LG Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest LG Ovens Price in Bangladesh
LG MH 638 9900 Taka
LG MH 60 8700 Taka
LG MS 204 8600 Taka
LG MS 238 9400 Taka


LG began as a consumer electronics brand operating out of South Korea back in 1958. Currently, it has operations across the globe and offers a wide range of ovens at the 20 to 40 liters capacity range. The pricing of the ovens starts at BDT 10000 and may continue up to BDT 30000 for some of the models. All the models operate at the standard 220V~50Hz mark. The ovens have power output around 800-900 watts for efficient heating. The interior cavity of the ovens come with anti-bacterial coating for better hygiene. The interiors of the ovens are also much easier to clean and maintain thanks to high-density inner coating. The Eco on function enables to power down the display when on standby, thus lowering power consumption. The rotating trays ensure uniform heating and thawing of food. The doors are equipped with easy to use handles for convenience in use. The ovens also come with additional functions such as auto cooking, preset functions child lock, etc. The exterior ovens have some of the most elegant looks in the market, making them suit the taste of all customers. Some popular models from the brand include the LG Microwave Oven MS2044VAS at around BDT 10000 and the LG Microwave Oven MH 6384BAR at around BDT 14000.

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