LG TV Price in Bangladesh

LG is one of the giants in the television industries that have been in the market longer than most manufacturers. The Brand throughout its existence has constantly pushed the boundaries with innovations and technologies. It has consistently put forth exceptional products which can easily be considered one of the best in their respective categories. The brand is known for their excellent quality, extensive product collection and a constant stream of new products. All this has made LG one of the best television brands.

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LG TV Price List in Bangladesh

Latest  LG Televisions Price in Bangladesh
LG 32LH 32" 22000 Taka
LG Lh500 43" 48000 Taka
LG LF520 32" 25000 Taka
LG MT48 24" 24000 Taka
LG LB620 32" 35000 Taka


LG started its journey in 1958 as a South Korean consumer electronics brand. The first televisions with the brand’s name rolled out in the same year. At present LG has extensive operations in more than 119 countries and a dedicated R&D program. With its huge product list, LG covers a massive range of prices. A person can find LG televisions anywhere between BDT 25000 and BDT 770000.

A great model for a small budget is the LG MT47 LED TV. The model comes with a 24-inch HD LED display with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The model has inbuilt speakers and can be wall-mounted. It is especially suited for PC integration and Gaming with DAS (Dynamic Action Sync) that neutralizes input-lag in fast-paced gaming. The model costs around BDT 26000.

A popular model for the brand is the LG LH570T which has a 43-inch HD LED display. The model comes with a Dual-core processor with full internet capabilities (built-in WIFI). The model has a 50Hz Field refresh rate with an 8-bit color Bit Depth. This model comes in at around BDT 90000.

One of the most premium product from the brand is the LG EC930T Curved OLED TV. The model is a Full HD Curved OLED CINEMA 3D Smart TV with a 55-inch paper-thin display. It comes with a Triple XD Engine, Total Eye Protection, and infinite contrast. Among other things the TV purchase also includes magic remote and compostable 3D glasses. The model has a price tag of around BDT 755000 and is worth every penny.         


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