Linnex AC Price in Bangladesh

Linnex is a well-known HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) brand has been in the AC business for many years. The brand has a lot of success by introducing their premium quality products. Linnex ACs are known for their great design, durability, and reliability. The brand incorporates the best in looks and functionality in their award-winning products. Alongside their top-notch products, Linnex also maintains a comprehensive customer service and warranty strategy that is very popular with the general masses. Today Linnex has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand in the AC market.


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Linnex AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Linnex Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh

Linnex has a specialty when it comes to split air conditioners. The brand markets split ACs in 1.0 Ton,1.5 Tons and 2.0 Tons categories. Their extensive product lines also cover a wide price range. Most linnex ACs in the market come between BDT 40000 and BDT 70000. On the basis of their capacity, the ACs from this brand have a BTU range from 12000 to 24000.

The ACs have an average cooling range from 180 to 290, enabling them to cope with the harshest weather conditions. The ACs have a compact design with inner grooved copper tubing. The models have multi-directional airflow function that can circulate cool air in all corners of the room. The maintenance is easy and hassle-free.

The compressors used in the ACs have a reputation of being tough and ideal for heavy use. The ACs also have an auto on/off function that makes their use very user-friendly. Some of the other functions present in all Linnex ACs include power mode, sleep mode, health, eco, and turbo mode. The brand also maintains a very customer-friendly warranty system as well as great post-sale services. Some great models from the brand include the Linnex LNX-SAC-1.0T 1.0 Ton Air Conditioner at BDT 40000 and the Linnex LNX-SAC-2.0T 2.0 Ton Air Conditioner at BDT 68000.


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