Linnex Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Linnex is a well-known brand in the home appliance industry that has a lot of products. For years the brand has marketed a largely successful line of refrigerators in the Bangladeshi market. The refrigerators from the brand are known to have excellent build quality as well as practical design features. Linnex refrigerators come with all the modern amenities that a customer needs. The products are also very competitively priced and affordable for the general public. Besides these points, Linnex also maintains some great post-sale terms.

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Linnex Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Linnex Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Linnex TR-48 12500 Taka
Linnex BCD-420 105000 Taka
Linnex TRD-183 26000 Taka
Linnex TRF-516 93000 Taka
Linnex REF-172 27000 Taka


Linnex has a wide range of refrigerators to choose from. The brand is mostly noted for its outstanding models in the side by side and 50-50 type categories. The refrigerators of this brand usually come with capacities between 200 to 600 liters. The price range of these products is around BDT 25000 to BDT 160000. All the models come with strong capacitors that work efficiently in the 220-250V voltage range. They use R600a as refrigerant, which is CFC free and eco- friendly. 


The interior of most of the models, come with adjustable glass shelves with separate egg and ice trays. Many models have adjustable legs as well as manual temperature controls for easy use. The higher-end models come with additional features such as water dispenser, auto defrost, digital temperature control, as well as touch-sensitive controls. Such models also have separate salad crisper and minibar. 


The Exterior of the refrigerators is beautifully made with smooth metal finish in most cases. The models come in an assortment of colors that would suit any kitchen. Some great models from the brand include the Linnex Refrigerators TRF-260 T at around BDT 41000 and the Linnex Refrigerators TRF-516WE at around BDT 100000.


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