Logitech Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Logitech International, or often shortened to Logitech, is a computer peripheral and accessory manufacturing company based in Switzerland with the company headquarters being in Newark, California, and in Lausanne, Switzerland. Logitech was founded in 1981 by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta, Giacomo Marini. Logitech is known for making reliable products and has a huge lineup computer and mobile phone peripherals. Logitech’s computer peripherals are very popular all over the world, and their keyboards are no different. They offer a huge lineup of keyboards, which range from traditional to stylish to gaming. These keyboards have different outlooks and different feature set depending on what the end-user might be looking for.

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Logitech Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Logitech Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
Logitech k375 2600 Taka
Logitech k120  600 Taka
Logitech g613 8900 Taka
Logitech mk220 1700 Taka
Logitech mk275 2200 Taka


For folks looking for a traditional reliable keyboard, Logitech has them covered as they provide keyboards with traditional layouts and come in either membrane of mechanical flavors.
Then there is Logitech’s lineup of small compact keyboards. These keyboards are small, stylish, and some models also have features like wireless connectivity and are compatible with more than one platform such as Windows, Android, and iOS.
Logitech also has a few unique lineups of keyboards like the Logitech Craft keyboard. It has a programmable dial that can be used to enhance productivity, and they also have a living room and TV keyboards.
Coming to the gaming side of things, Logitech has their G lineup of gaming keyboards. These keyboards are specially designed for gaming and have gaming centered feature sets. The higher-end models feature mechanical switches. Logitech uses Romer G mechanical switches instead of the usual cherry MX mechanical switches. These switches have a very fast actuation time that helps the gamer to get a competitive edge in competitive games. Keyboards in this lineup also have features like RGB lighting, macro keys, additional multi-media keys, and wrist rests.
Logitech’s keyboards are reliable and mostly well-priced. But some of the keyboards are really high in price, and the G lineup of keyboards are also quite expensive.

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