Marcel Iron Price in Bangladesh

Marcel is a home appliance and electronics manufacturing company based in Bangladesh. Marcel is a section of the WHIL or the Walton Hi-tech Industries Limited. WHIL was established in the year 2006 with a central focus on providing innovative hi-tech solutions for consumers’ improved lifestyle. Instead of providing variety in the market, WHIL established a special brand of products to satisfy specific customer needs in specific market sections. Marcel was one of these brands established. Marcel has enjoyed significant success in attaining a good market base through its aptly priced and specified products. Marcel TVs, freezers, air conditioners, and kitchen appliances are quite popular in the market right now. Along with larger appliances, they also have smaller homecare appliances. Among them, they have a large range of irons.

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Marcel Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Marcel Irons Price in Bangladesh
Marcel MIR-s01 1350 Taka
Marcel MIR-s02 1000 Taka
Marcel MIR-s05 1200 Taka
Marcel MIR-s010 1400 Taka


Marcel irons have been brought into the market with a lot of thoughts being put in. Internationally, irons have become quite feature heavy. International brands are constantly bringing in spray, steam, easily movable features for ironing ease. So Marcel has also started bringing in many models that have similar capabilities. The MIR range of products now has brought these varieties within their devices. There are dry irons, steam irons, cordless steam irons, heavy dry irons within their range. These Irons each have various uses. The heavy dry iron and Steam irons are used to get rid of stubborn creases. The cordless steam irons can be moved easily with cordless technology. The dry irons are very good for normal household use.

So, Marcel is bringing in new and international standard devices in their iron range. They are bringing in innovative technologies that are quite handy for ironing needs. Marcel has put in the features that make the work of ironing your clothes very easy with newer specifications and different models. Marcel is bringing variety and performance of international standards to local markets.

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