Maximus Tab Price in Bangladesh

Maximums is one of those brands, which are relatively new in the market of Bangladesh. The industry of smart devices is flourishing in Bangladesh, and the Bangladeshi market has got comparatively more potentially in the subcontinent. So considering the profitability, the brands are expanding their business.

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Maximus Tab Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Maximus Tabs Price in Bangladesh
Maximus MaxTab 9,995 Taka
Maximus Maxtab Enigma 7.1 9,995 Taka


Though Maximus seems like a new brand, it is not. The brand was previously known as “Siemens Bangladesh.” At that time, they did good business by securing a good market share. After that, the company changed their business policy, and the company was taken over by Quartel Infotech Limited. They started to manufacture phones with a new name, “Maximums.” With this new name, they began a new journey.

They started to innovate and brought new products to the market, which were of good features, stylish design, and affordable pricing. After that, they started to expand their business by manufacturing laptops, tablets, and different accessories. In short, they have understood the demands and movement of the market and were able to fulfill it. And as a result of fulfilling the demands of the market, they had positioned themselves well in the industry. 

The tablets of Maximus are known as Maxtab. Maximus sells two types of tablets, including windows and android tablets. But most of their tablets are android tablets. They have used a dual-core processor in most of their tablets though there are some other operating systems too. Maximus has used android 5.1 in most of their tablets, and there are variations in display size too.

Among the tablets of Maximus, Maxtab Enigma 7.1 is the most popular and available one. The features of this tab have made it popular to everyone. The tab has a display size of 7 inches, a dual-core processor, and the OS is of Jelly Bean version. The tab has a battery capacity of 3000mAh, which gives the consumer another advantage. They always cared about the consumer, and as a result, they have been providing products of higher performance, durability, and functionality. 

Whenever we buy a product, we always look at the price after features and quality. Price is a very important factor for us whenever we go shopping. The price tag that Maximus has given to its tablets is much affordable. Everyone can easily afford them. You can get a Maximus tablet at the price of BDT 5000 to BDT 30,000.

The price range of most of the tabs is from BDT 10,000-20,000. Because of having a lower price range, Maximus is affordable. The most popular and sold tab of Maximus is Maxtab Enigma 7.1, and its price is around BDT 10,000. This tab has become popular because of its perfect combination of features and pricing.

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