MediaCom Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Whenever we talk about the best quality microphones, MediaCom is the first name that comes to our mind. Because they are the provider of diverse and high-quality microphones, they started their journey as a television and cable provider back in 1997. After having a successful journey in this field, they have entered into making the karaoke for the lovers of karaoke. After all these years of hard work and sheer determination, they have proven themselves as a pioneer in the market of karaoke lovers. They have customers all around the world, and their customers are satisfied with them because of getting high-quality products. They are not only being appreciated by their own country but also other countries.

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MediaCom Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest MediaCom Microphones Price in Bangladesh
MediaCom MCI-799U 10500 Taka
MediaComMCI-380J 2500 Taka


Diversification and variation are the two key features of the products of MediaCom. They have been manufacturing the karaoke microphones from the beginning, but now they are producing different types and varieties of microphones. They have corded microphone and wireless microphone along with karaoke. The name of the most popular and sold models are MCI 2040 and karaoke player, MCI 380J Corded microphone, MCI 799U wireless microphone, etc. MCI 380J corded microphone can be used with karaoke player, public events and the length of the cord is 4m. The microphone doesn't need any batteries to operate. On the other hand, MCI 799U is a wireless microphone which can be used with full freedom. So it is the products of MediaCom that has made it a famous brand. 

Pricing is something that can attract customers, and at the same time, it can also drive the customers away. So pricing is really an important factor for any company, and MediaCom has set pricing that will attract the customers. The price of the products of MediaCom is affordable, and it will fit your budget. The price range of the microphone of this brand starts from BDT 1500 to more than BDT 20000. The price of MCI 2040 with a karaoke player is BDT 16000, MCI 380J is BDT 1600, and MCI 799U wireless microphone is BDT 6000. As you can see that if you even have a lower budget, still they have something for you. This is the reason for their favoritism, and this is how they have won the heart of customers. 

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