Meiduo Bike Price in Bangladesh

MEIDUO is a well-known scooter company from China. They have been producing various types of scooters in many countries all over the world. Many of us haven’t heard the name of MEIDUO because their scooters are re-branded and then sold to different countries. MEIDUO has various types of scooters in the various price range.

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Meiduo Bike Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Meiduo Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Meiduo BWS 150cc 135,000 Taka
Meiduo Lily Super Power
1,05,000 Taka
Meiduo M6 150
1,45,000 Taka
Meiduo M Spark 125cc
1,10,000 Taka


In Bangladesh, they have MEIDUO BWS 125cc, MEIDUO Lily Super Power, MEIDUO M Spark 125cc, MEIDUO M6 150cc.They also have MEIDUO F6 (new scooter), Gas scooter Falcon 3, Gas Scooter Falcon 5, Scooter Falcon 2-B, Scooter B-09 and Scooter B -08 (new designed), MEIDUO Princess, MEIDUO Prince, EEC Scooter(new) and Scooter Sunshine. But all of these are not available in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, they have MEIDUO BWS 125cc powered by 125cc engine which can generate 6.3 Bhp power @ 7500rpm and 9.2 nm torque @ 5300 rpm. Top speed of MEIDUO BWS 125cc is 85 KM per hour. Mileage of this bike is 50 KM per liter approx. Its price is 145,000 BDT.

MEIDUO Lily Super Power is powered by 80cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine. MEIDUO Lily Super Power’s price is 105,000 BDT.MEIDUO M Spark is another good-looking scooter from this brand. It is powered by 125cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine. The engine can generate 9.4 Bhp power @ 8000 rpm, and 9.2 nm torque @ 5500 rpm. It has both electric and kicks starting system. The scooter has an automatic gear system in BDT 135,000.

In 150cc segment MEIDUO has M6 150cc, is powered by 150cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, four strokes engine which can produce 12.5 Bhp power @ 8500rpm and 12.2 Nm torque @ 5500 rpm. Top speed of this scooter is 100 KM per hour, and the mileage is about 50 km per liter. Its price is 160,000 BDT.So, if you are a scooter lover, then have a look at their scooter. Within the price range, this brand has provided great features in their scooter.

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