Mercusys Router Price in Bangladesh

Many brands are selling networking equipment, especially routers in our country. Amongst the many of them are very popular. If you are looking for a good router from a good brand, then you can check out Mercusys. This brand has many models available in Bangladesh. But most of them are for light use. The most positive side from this brand is they are selling routers at a reasonable price.

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Mercusys Router Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Mercusys Routers Price in Bangladesh
Mercusys MW330HP 1730 Taka
Mercusys MW301R 1100 Taka
Mercusys MW325R 1250 Taka
Mercusys AC1200 2650 Taka


If you need a router for very light use, if you want to share the network with 2-5 people, then you can choose Mercusys MW305R. This one is a 300 Mbps router with two antennas. It can cover up to 100 meters, but it can’t connect many users at a time. In 1000 BDT you can get Mercusys MW305R with three antennas. In 1100 BDT you can use the same model, but it will come with 3x5 dBi antennas. You can get a smooth network from these routers. Even you can stream HD videos with it. If you want to connect more people, then you can go for Mercusys MW325R. This one is a 300 Mbps router which comes with 4 Omnidirectional antennas. This router can cover up to 200 meters. All these routers have 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. You can efficiently operate them by connecting it with your phone. 

This brand has a powerful router at a high price. Model of the router is Mercusys AC1200 4 Antenna Dual Band 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi Router. With four antennas the router can transmit 1200 Mbps data. This one also has great security features. For a vast coverage and to connect a lot of users at a time this router is perfect. Surprisingly the price of this router is 2200 BDT. In this price, this one is great. So before buying a router, think about this brand also. 


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