Microlab Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Trustworthiness is always taken as an important measure to buy products. Microlab, as a company has always been successful in this concern since 2002, as soon as they started their journey. Located in the USA, the head office, now the company has gained a huge value in the market worldwide.

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Microlab Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Microlab Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Microlab T3 2,200 Taka
Microlab Outlander 8,400 Taka
Microlab T2 2,500 Taka
Microlab MOGUL 8,090 Taka


From the beginning of the journey, they have incorporated their product sensitively to the young people, specifically to the college and university students. As they are known as the best to justify a product, Microlab distinctively focused on this age group and developed their product. At this age of creation, Microlab constantly created and upgraded. Certified by students of 260 colleges and universities students in the USA, has provided the way to build their brand image in proper shape.   

Microlab has different lines of the product; among them, the headphone is one category which has been able to create mass feedback. They have headsets of different colors, shapes, and containing unique features. The price level shakes up for according to that base. Generally, it stays between 2,000 to 10,000 BDT. Nevertheless, it might get changed as it has no authorized price tag by the company itself. Here are a few notable names of their creation. “Microlab Mogul Headphone” is their updated collection, priced close to 10,000 BDT. This has a removable earpiece just to set it comfortably with the ear. Large foam cups and Bluetooth activity helps to listen to music for more extended hours anywhere users are. AptX technology confirms to have better sound quality.

With 4.1 +EDR Bluetooth version ensures to connect two individual devices simultaneously. Similar to this price range, another name is “MICROLAB OUTLANDER HEADPHONE,” which contain similar features. It has an automated service to minimize the external sound automatically. “MICROLAB T3 WIRELESS BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE” has got the point of attraction from the users. With a fantastic leather head belt, it gives a relaxed vibe and. By the stainless steel frame attached with the leather head belt in one end and attached with the cushioned area in another guarantees long life of the headset. Encircled speaker area assures to hear the voice without noise. The price level is 2,500 BDT. Close to this price range, another name is “Microlab Stereo Headphone with Bluetooth T2 Citrus”. Slushy earpad, lightweight and 14 hours of battery life have made it different and better. 


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