Micronet Router Price in Bangladesh

One of the most common thing that we are attached to is internet now a day. Without the internet, probably we can’t spend one day properly. Many of us use it for many purposes. Some use it for their business purpose, some use it for communication, and some use it as a source of entertainment. Even it has become the most potent media now. For making the use of the internet easier, we are trying to find more advanced technology. In the past days, we used it by connecting a wire with our computer. But now we use it by sim card or Wi-Fi router. It must be known that if we combine the wire to the Wi-Fi router, it can distribute the network to many users at a time. If you are looking for a good Wi-Fi router to buy, you can see the models from the brand Micronet.

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Micronet Router Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Micronet Routers Price in Bangladesh
Micronet SP916NE 6,500 Taka
Micronet SP916GK 4,100 Taka
Micronet SP916NL 2,300 Taka


This famous brand has many networking equipments. But in our country, all of them are not available. Few models of Wi-Fi routers are available from this brand here. If you need a Wi-Fi router for light use, then you can check out Micronet SP916NL. This one is 150 Mbps router having a single antenna in it, which can cover up to 200 square meter area. The router has a single WAN port and single LAN port. This router will cost 2300 BDT. If you need a more powerful one, then you can buy Micronet SP916NE. The data transmission rate of this router is 300 Mbps. It can cover more area and can be connected with more users. It has two antennas in it. It has 1 WAN port and 4 LAN port available in it. Price of this router is 6500 BDT. You can easily operate it without any difficulty.

There are more models available from this brand in some online and offline shops. You can easily get those from there.

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