Micropack Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Change is the only constant thing. Technology has been approaching us more deeply in our lives and creating an impact on our lifestyles. Products have become more diversified as our choices have become more changing than ever. To survive, it is very much necessary to understand what our actual demand is and how to serve. That’s where Micropack has set their vision and tried to accomplish their goals.

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Micropack Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Micropack Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Micropack MHP 600 1,250 Taka
Micropack MHP-500 690 Taka


It is pretty much obvious that the urban areas are comparatively advanced and moving faster towards a digital lifestyle. Micropack grasps this fact and builds equity products according to the state of the countries. Not from the beginning but after seven years of their journey, to increase the sales goal and to set higher, they have started to sell accessories and PC peripherals. It established in Hong Kong, though their production lines are situated in China.

With the theme of, bringing the music to heart; Micropack has consistently been looking for since their journey. In this long run, they have been able to meet customers expectation through their products. The users well recognize their headphones. Among those ‘MHP-600” is one has caught the eye of the people. Extensive color combination has given it a supreme look. Contains a sheltered foaming area in the hearing region ensures the comfort for long time plugin. The foldable design helps to carry wherever needed. The price is comparatively lower. MHP-600 Hi-Fi Headphone is another trusted name to the users as it is specifically treated for its high fidelity audio system. For cooler drive and most audible bass people seek MHP-500, which gives the joy of every beats and rhythm. The headphones of Micropack are pretty much cheaper compared to its competitors. Stays within 2,000 BDT in general. Then again, it might vary because the resellers aren’t destined to any price bar by the authority itself.


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