Microsoft Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Microsoft has been a PC and computing giant ever since the days of desktop PCs inception. Microsoft launched their visual operating system Windows following the popularization of personal computers. Since then, they enjoyed success on fronts of the computing devices. With the rise of the internet, Windows became a driving force in terms of desktop operating systems. They hold the position of the most amount of devices running on the Windows operating systems to this day. They also developed their Microsoft Office suits for office work and documentation work. So it was natural to transition into the mobile or handheld devices. So they released the Windows mobile later rebranded as Windows phone systems for mobile and tab devices. 

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Microsoft Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Microsoft Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM 33,700 Taka
Microsoft Lumia 650  12,990 Taka
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL 19,990 Taka
Microsoft Lumia 532 8,500 Taka
Microsoft Lumia 550  12,000 Taka


Windows operating systems for mobiles started development in the year 2004. But It faced cancellations in its early years of the development cycle. Eventually, it was named Windows mobile. Windows mobile started development to integrate windows applications for mobile use. Thus, Windows mobile’s initial iteration was made. Windows mobile found its place as an operating system in HTC phones. The HTC Butterfly was a notable Windows mobile device. Then Samsung and some other companies also started using Windows phone as their operating system.

Windows phone then found a permanent device brand in the form of Nokia. Nokia Lumia brand of phones started exclusively releasing sets with Windows phone. There were a lot of sets in the Lumia phone range. The Windows 8.1 version of the mobile OS was used in the flagship phones. The Lumia sets were made with a view of getting the Windows ecosystem and apps to be running on the Windows phones. The first line of mobiles gave the all familiar Nokia overall performance along with the Windows platform’s performance. Windows would continue on with Lumia in this vain.

The Lumia range then put their concentration on the premium brand of phones. The high range sets with beast-like configuration. One thing they concentrated on was the camera. Nokia Lumia 800 was one of the best phones for photography at the time of release. Eventually, this became a driving force behind sales of Nokia phones. The phones from the 800 range mixed great photography, windows, mobile aesthetics with Nokia reliability. With this philosophy, Nokia sets entered the flagship battles with Samsung and Apple. Microsoft also had some aspirations of a more connected experience with the mobile and desktop. 

The Partnership with Nokia soon was dissolved, but Windows adopted the Lumia brand. The launch of Windows 10 mobile had big implications for the windows users. Windows 10 mobile had been launched as a way for integrating with the PC counterpart. The Windows 10 mobile devices could connect and integrate freely with the desktop versions of the Windows platform. Three mobiles were launched with windows 10 mobile. The Lumia 950 and the 950 xl was launched as a part of the new joined ecosystem. The phones had great camera support with a considerable amount of performance boost. 

The windows phones have the special liberty of having licensed Microsoft products to arrive out of the box. The Windows mobile operating system is also very unique with its tile-based user interface. The windows mobile phones also came with customized VPN support. Throughout the launches of Windows phones, the onus has always been on how much integrated the windows system is. Microsoft phones provide a unique feel and user experience. It has carved out a special niche as a user base. Microsoft also has multiple price range sets which concentrate from mid to flagship-level phones. With a unique interface and windows support, Microsoft phones provide a good experience.

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