Mitsubishi AC Price in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi is a Japanese brand that has involvement in a vast number of fields. For many years the brand has maintained a good presence in the Air Conditioning market. Mitsubishi has constantly and consistently delivered excellent ACs to its global consumer base. Mitsubishi ACs incorporates the very best of Japanese engineering and technology. The ACs are known to be cutting edge, extremely reliable and exquisitely designed. Mitsubishi has a well-deserved reputation of being a brand that delivers only the best, especially when it comes to their ACs. The brand is constantly pushing the horizon and leading the industry in innovation and technology.

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Mitsubishi AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Mitsubishi Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh


Mitsubishi started its journey in 1870 and has served its customers for almost one and half-century. The brand currently has operations in 6 continents across the globe. When it comes to ACs, Mitsubishi has a specialty in the split AC category. The brand markets an extensive collection of split AC models of 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2.0 Ton capacity. Depending on the capacity, the BTU of the ACs ranges from 14000 to 24000. The ACs have Jet Air Flow function that can efficiently cool down rooms in a very short amount of time. The ACs are equipped with cutting edge filter technology that provides fresh and clean air to the rooms. The models are all energy-efficient and eco-friendly that is both friendly to the environment and your electricity bill. The multi-directional airflow system enables efficient and uniform cooling across the room. The ACs also have an easy maintenance design that makes taking care of them hassle-free. Some other prominent features of the ACs include low noise operations, LED display, turbo mode, sleep mode, fan, and auto-restart function. Mitsubishi Also maintains an exemplary record when it comes to their customer service. Some popular models from the rand include the Mitsubishi SRK-12CR-S 1 Ton Split AC at BDT 55000 and the Mitsubishi SRK-24CS-S 2 Tons Split AC at BDT 94000.


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