Miyako Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Miyako is a Japan-based technology and home appliance manufacturing company. Miyako has an extensive range of home appliances. Their home appliance range goes from utility items to essentials almost everything. Miyako home appliances include kitchen items, coolers, blenders, ovens, water filters, landline phones, and more. They also have a very good line of room heaters. With their exceptional levels of multi-use and product variety, Miyako brings more to the table in spades.

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Miyako Room Heater Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Miyako Room Heaters Price in Bangladesh
Miyako PTC-10M 3,350 Taka
Miyako PTC-A3 2,599 Taka
Miyako PTCTOW1L 4,450 Taka
Miyako PTC 602 4,000 Taka
Miyako Room Heater Tower 4,880 Taka


Miyako room heaters are made with many things in mind. Room heaters are essential appliances for winter and chilly times in the year. There are many things to consider when manufacturing a room heater and buying them. Comfort is the front and center that you need to be wary of. Room heaters adjust the heat of the room so that the room has sufficient heat for all of the family members. Miyako room heaters bring all of these aspects in one place. Miyako room heaters have smart heating systems that are aligned according to the changing temperatures of the room. The electronic control panel gives optimum control to the user for maximum levels of comfort.

Miyako room heaters come with a variety of use and power specifications. This product variety ensures that all demands of every family usage. The use of environment-friendly technologies keeps you and your family members safe from threats of pollution. Miyako room heaters are also very power sensitive. You can rest assured that the bills will never reach an unacceptable level. The comfort, power-saving, and environment-friendly options make Miyako room heaters a great companion of your family. Miyako ensures quality, performance, and convenience all in one place.

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