Miyako Fan Price in Bangladesh

Miyako is a consumer electronics brand that markets great quality electric fans. For many years, this brand serves its customers with great fans that excel both in engineering and design. Miyako fans are known to be durable and reliable under any circumstances. The fans also have great looks and original design features. Above all else, these fans deliver great value to the customers and are worth every penny of their price. Because of such excellent products, Miyako has been able to earn people’s trust. The brand currently occupies a significant place in the market.

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Miyako Fan Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Miyako Fans Price in Bangladesh
Miyako KL-2924 4,390 Taka
Miyako KL-2916 3,500 Taka
Miyako KL 2396 4,000 Taka
Miyako KL-2924 4,390 Taka
Miyako KL 1022p 2,640 Taka


Miyako is a local brand owned by the Hasib Electronics company. This enterprise was founded in 1976 and had been marketing its products all across Bangladesh for years. Miyako produces many kinds of fans with an especially good portable and rechargeable fan collection. Most of the fans in this category come between BDT 1000 and BDT 4000. The fans come with efficient and convenient design features. Most of the fans come with 4V 900mAh rechargeable Lead Acid batteries. The models require 220V (AC) of electric voltage to charge.

Once fully charged the fans can be operational from 2-4 hours depending on the model. The fans come with charge indicators for convenient use. All the fans have a frequency from 50-60Hz. The fans also come with High/Low adjustable fan speeds. Some of the models have protection functions to protect against accidents. Some of the models also come with inbuilt high power LED lamps for additional functionality. The fans are compactly designed for which they are very easy to carry. Another delightful feature of Miyako fans is that they are very easy to repair. The fans incorporate some great designs that are both modern and stylish. Some great models from the brand include the Miyako Kl-2903 - Rechargeable Fan at BDT 1300 and the Miyako Kl-2916 - Rechargeable Fan at BDT 3900.

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